The Turning Tide is coming

Hey Everyone~

Much depends on the sales of The Turning Tide. The initial print run is lower than I like, and I would love, LOVE to see it go into a second printing very quickly. This would also mean more books in the series. So. Do me a favor. Go order your copies, tell your friends, tell your enemies–tell the guy on the bus. If you like it, do reviews, blog, spread the word. If you don’t like it, that’s okay too. Go bug your bookstores and ask them to carry it if it isn’t there. Keep bugging them.

I’ll post the first chapter or two in the next day or so. Look for it.

Hope all is well wilth all of you. I am tired. And it snowed again today. Ug.


  • Jennifer

    I don’t know if this effects your sales at all, but did Borders break street date by releasing it already and does it count towards your total sales for a re-print?

  • Di Francis

    Hi Jennifer~

    Generally street dates aren’t as tight for books like mine that aren’t expected to hit the big lists which are keyed to sales during very short periods–like the first week. But all books sales contribute to going back to reprints, no matter when they happen. Or rather, all new book sales. Used book sales don’t help.

  • Jennifer

    Ah, well it’s good to hear that it wont negatively effect you. ^_^

    I loved the ending of this one and cant wait for the next in the series.

  • Di Francis

    I’m so delighted to hear that! Compliments right when a book is coming out and I’m chewing my nails in a panic, really help.

    I hope you like this one. It’s got some characters coming back–I promise you’ll find out about Plusby and his wife. Be sure to tell me how you like it once you get a chance to read it. Ooops, nerves showing again . . .

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