Day after christmas

Wow. What a lovely Christmas we had. Did you? First we had my in-laws over for a brunch (post stocking opening). It was lovely. They never really have done Christmas, and all their kids have moved out of state. Add into that that my Mother In Law has dementia and is really forgetting a lot. She’s also got diabetes and some other issues. So it was really good for us to all be together and they got to participate in the present opening with the kids, which they really enjoyed. Plus the dogs cuddled up a bunch with my MIL and she was really happy. I think they are going to get another dog soon. They lost theirs awhile ago, but I think T’s dad is thinking it will be good for both of the. I made her a shawl out of very soft yarn and she loved it. She’s cold a lot.

After that, the horde that is my family descended and we had a great time. My chocolate bourbon pecan pie was a hit. Yum.

Now the bad news was that in the last couple of days the very very ancient bed we’d been sleeping on broke. The box spring. NOw when I say old, I mean that it was at least 45 years old, possibly older. I am not lying. It is also not comfortable. Wish we’d thought to break it long ago. Anyhow, mom and I went out and shopped for a new spare room bed for us to sleep on and while we were out, went to Barnes and Noble and they had copies of Shadow City already out!!!! So I signed them and my other books (at the Galleria Barnes and NOble in Roseville, folks). Tomorrow I might get to the Birdcage B&N. And any other bookstores I can find.

So now the bed is on order and will arrive about when we leave. Ah well. At least there will be one next year. I’ve been walking a lot. It’s green and warm here. I’m loving it. And so are the dogs and the man and the kids.

Is there any interest in any Roseville/Sacramento local types who might want to come hang out at at Starbucks at B&N or something one day? If there is, I’ll set it up.

Also, tomorrow (Tuesday) I’ve an interview up at the Quillery. It’s a fun one. Questions I haven’t had.

And, once again. please please please spread the word about Shadow City! Tell your friends, write on your blog, post reviews on Amazon or wherever (good or bad, I’ll still love you). And also, I want to hear what you think of the book. Seriously!


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