Rolling in the Deep

My mom is giving me her entire yarn stash. There’s a lot of it. I’m so happy. I’m such a yarn whore really. Now to start making stuff. A lot of it is pretty ordinary acrylic stuff, but there’s some really cool bits in there too. Now to figure out what to make. I need to learn to make more kinds of things. Though I did figure out fingerless gloves on the way out here.

Shadow City is official!!!!! I’m chewing my nails over it. I sooooo need and want it to do well. Have you told everybody you know about it? Please? It’s a referral business you know πŸ˜€

In other news, despite the fact that I’m eating a lot out here in CA, my pants are loosening up. NOt sure what’s up with that. Not unhappy mind you.

One of the puppies got made at me and chewed on mom’s slipper. Luckily, not a great deal of damage was done, but still. And my mom’s corgi keeps instigating mine to bark in the house, something they don’t ordinarily do. Which is terribly annoying also.

I signed books at the Birdcage Barnes and Noble, so you can get signed copies there too.

As for a get together, I’m thinking possibly Friday, sometime like 1 p.m. Anybody up for that? At the Roseville Galleria BN coffeshop. Would anybody be up for that?


  • MaryW

    I think the book should do well, I really enjoyed it. All of the characters seemed to grow and have more dimentsion. Thanks for a good read.

  • ChrisP

    I went to my local independent bookstore Dec. 26 because sometimes they will go in the back and let me get books a day early. Sadly, they didn’t have any copies – must have been a mistake. πŸ™

    They offered to order it for my, but I told them I couldn’t wait that long. Ordered it on my new Kindle Fire (first book on it!), had trouble sleeping and snuck into the living room to start reading at 2 a.m. πŸ™‚

    Loved the book! Very disgruntled that it ended. Yes, I know you have to leave some loose ends to tie into the next book. But I don’t want to wait (whine, whine). In the next day or so, I will re-read Shadow City to catch the nuances that I probably missed while devouring it the first time around.

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