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Sunday, January 29th, 2012

I’ve got a post up on Magical Words today on getting blindsided while writing. Come have a look.

And a snippet:

Alexander kicked aside snow until he found dirt and lowered Gregory down. Instantly he turned to Max. She was on her knees, pulling snow up over her melted flesh. He made harsh whining sound, stretching out for her and stopping when she flashed a look at him. Her eyelids were gone and most of her nose. Her hair was a matted black cap plastered to her skull. Her fingers were blackened stubs and her skin looked like melted wax.

His hands dropped and he swallowed bile. His Prime raged, clawing inside, shredding at his insides.

Thor had turned and was quietly retching. Gregory was struggling to stand.

“Let me—” he said and got no further.

A scouring blast of magic swept across them like the shock wave of a nuclear bomb. It brought with it a wind that rushed past with all the fury of a superheated tornado. Alexander pushed Max down into the snow and huddled over her to protect her. He felt her body quivering. Helplessness strangled him and he struggled to keep his Prime from overwhelming his mind. He was constantly fighting for dominance, to keep from sliding over the edge and disappearing entirely into his beast. He had thought he had gained mastery, or at least equilibrium, but when it came to his feelings for Max, all bets were off.

The snow in the trench melted instantly, leaving them in pools of tepid water and squelching mud. Gravel pelted them in a stinking hail. Then just as quickly, the wind stopped and the air dropped to well below zero. The water skimmed with a skin of ice. The temperature continued to drop. Thor wrapped Gregory in a hug, pulling the witch tight against him to keep him warm.

Saturday, January 28th, 2012
A worldcon pic

I know I haven’t loaded pics from just about anywhere, and that has to do a issue on the site, but this is from Worldcon in August of 2011. It is of the Fabulous Carol Berg and the Brilliant Lucienne Diver, and me at the end.

Saturday, January 28th, 2012
swimming in Montana in the winter and other musings

Yes I did. I went to the Y today and went swimming. It’s not that cold out. Something like 35 or 40, so not insta-freeze. And they are keeping the water in the big pool warmer than usual. There’s a big pool for laps and swimming, and a smaller pool for therapy and kids. It’s about a foot and a half at it’s shallow end, and 4 feet at the deep and it’s very warm–for therapy. So I did some laps and treaded water and then hung out in the little pool with a friend and her kid and the girlie. It was fun. The only bad part is that somehow I tweaked my knee a bit ago and I figured swimming would be good for it. And it felt good too. But now . . . aches. Also my popping arm handled the swimming fine, but the girlie wanted to toss the ball and it didn’t respond well to me lunging up to get it. Turns out that was a painful mistake. Yowza.

When I got home I put chicken in the oven. I rubbed it with butter and put salt and lemon pepper on it and shoved lemons into its cavity and put it in to roast. I hope it tastes good. It seemed like it ought to be a good combo. And I also put these on to marinate Yeah, we are overloading on roasted chicken, but I’d found the buttermilk recipe and it looked so good, and then last night I found buy one get one free chickens at the store and couldn’t resist, so it’s a roast chicken weekend, plus leftovers, so . . . .

Dog is going for surgery on Tuesday. He’ll be operated on on Weds and I’ll pick him up on Thursday. I hope it goes well. I can’t keep him as immobile as they want so I plan to ask them to give me meds to keep him stoned for a little while. At least long enough for the healing to really begin. I’m not giving him pain meds now because even without, he runs and jumps (in the house) and tries to take the stairs. I can’t crate him all day and I can’t have him on my lap all day, much as he would like it.

Was watching a bit of the Dew tour at lunch (skateboarding). Two things struck me. First was when they called these guys (they were guys) athletes. It’s not that I don’t agree, but they are not your usual image when the word athlete pops up. These were the punk kids on the playground who skateboarded and probably got stoned. Not your varsity whatever. But they are athletes. What they can do with their bodies is amazing. The second thing that struck me with a guy by the name of Bucky Lasek. He was doing all this stuff and he’s 38 years old. I couldn’t do anything like it when I was 28. Or even 20. Holy crap. Amazing.

Friday, January 27th, 2012
Bucket lists

Do you have a bucket list? I was thinking about this the other day. The things I’d like to do before I die. I’m not going to say achieve, because I was thinking in terms of things I’d like to do, not earn or something like that (awards and that sort of thing). I don’t know that I’ve really got much on that list at this point. But these are my bucket list items as of now:

!. Zipline through a rainforest canopy (this one will be tough because I’m terrified of heights, but I really want to do it.)
2. Travel to Belize and see the Mayan ruins there.
3. Learn to scuba dive

I’m not sure what else I want to add. That’s actually important enough to add.

What’s on your list? Someone you want to meet? A place you want to go? a skill you want to learn?

Thursday, January 26th, 2012
The funnies

Okay, these are flipping funny. Stephen Colbert is interviewing Maurice Sendak in a two part interview. OMG. I was weeping, it was so funny. You must watch. really.

Part the first

Part the second

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012
Dog Update

The ligament is definitely torn/ruptured or whatever they want to call it. Dog is not supposed to run, jump, climb stairs, or otherwise be active. Poor guy. All his favorite things. And his brother can’t figure out why he’s not being more playful. Surgery is scheduled for next Weds. I’ll take him up on Tuesday and hopefully pick him up on Thursday. This is going to be very spendy. Help a dog, buy books. Sigh.

Monday, January 23rd, 2012
Bad Days are Bad

So yeah. The day was not good. Turns out that Voodoo has managed to tear the ligament in his leg. This means surgery. I don’t know a lot more. Tomorrow there will be Xrays and then we start figuring out the rest. I’m rather upset by the news. I’m a bit attached to the dogs and, well, not a great day for me.

Monday, January 23rd, 2012
I’m excited

whenever a writer happens to get through a rough patch, or reconnect with a character, or discover what is making the scene flat, or so on, s/he gets excited. Or at least I do. Last night, during and after football, I was working on this chapter that I didn’t like much. It’s from Alexander’s point of view and I hadn’t felt like I connected with him very well. He wasn’t shining through in this chapter. In fact, nobody was quite themselves. Well, except Lise. She’s always herself.

So anyhow, I was tinkering on this chapter. I was poking at some of the dialog and trying to bring more of the characters to the surface. And suddenly things clicked. I found them. It was like they were hiding behind a curtain and I pulled it back and yanked them out and they were abashed for a moment, then they got down to the business of being themselves. Whew. It was a relief. For a little while there, I was afraid they were going to be made out of cardboard. Heck, I was afraid they were as thin as the paper they were written on. Even thinner. Pixel thin.

Saturday, January 21st, 2012
Not so important news

I think I’m going to make chicken enchilada chile tomorrow. Found a cool recipe and it seems a good choice for football watching. Anybody else out there planning football and food?

In other not so important news, Voodoo (dog) has managed to hurt his himself. Not sure how, but he’s not wanting to put a lot of weight on his back leg. Giving him Rimadyl and coddling him, but if he’s not better soon, he’ll be heading for the vet come Monday.

We finally got around to raking up some leaves. Only a few months or so after they fell. That’s not terribly slow, is it?

Did a couple of geocaches today. It was sleeting. Better than snowing, I spose.

Saw Shadow City at Walmart. That was exciting. At least in so much as there’s some distribution on it. Now if it’s getting bought. What? Nervous writers are nervous?

Speaking of books, I’m pushing through this sticky spot in Blood Winter. It’s sticky because it’s where a lot of things have to come together and weave out and it’s a place for being careful. So it’s slow. Hopefully after that, the pace of writing will pick up. I’ve got a number of new characters and of course the old, and trying to keep them all juggled is interesting. Entertaining even.

Worst part is I want to read some stuff and I haven’t any time!!! Noooo!!!

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012
These things are true

The new printer arrived. Well, it looks new, though it’s probably refurbished, but the important thing is that it actually prints. Whoohoo! Actually, I had to delete all the previous software and redownload, so it wasn’t as easy as just plug and play, but I’ll take it and be grateful.

We are expecting a storm. The number of inches of snow to fall varies by forecast, though my best guess is somewhere between 1 and 10. Yeah, I’m going to hit that target with a shotgun blast. Uhhuh. If it snows, sledding may follow, though right now, the way the wind is whipping, I want to hunch down by the fire with some tea and a book and just stay there. Sadly, there is still work to be done. No rest from the day jobbery. I think I should probably dig out my snow boots.

Work on Blood Winter is continuing apace. which is to say, not as fast as I should like because things have not gone as expected plotwise. It’s really interesting to hear from people what they think will happen, since I thought I knew and now I’m really not so sure. I’m totally pantsing it at this point, though I do still know some things.

I can tell you there’s action. Lots. Did you expect different? Also, I struggled with whether or not to include Alexander’s POV. He’s not around in the first seven or eight chapters, and I wondered if it would be weird to bring him back in so late. Well, I decided weird or not, I would do it, and looking back, I think I’m liking the way that went. So hopefully it’s not terribly odd. I also thought about having Giselle’s point of view, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to be in her head yet. She’s still struggling with herself and I like how Max and she deal with one another without knowing what she’s thinking.

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