And lo, the end looms

The end of the vacation that is. We’ll be heading home shortly. On the positive side, the dog is better. Not totally well, but getting there.

I have a post up on Magical Words today about emotional and physical action. Come on and have a read.

Also, if anybody is in the Roseville, California area, The Barnes and Noble at Creekside has copies of my books signed. I stopped in today and signed some stuff they just got in.

Had a great visit with friends tonight, with good beer and food. It was really cool to talk about very old times and some new.

I really hate the idea of going back to the cold. It’s been bizarrely warm and dry here. I can smell the green grass and the oaks and it’s been so amazing. There really aren’t oaks in Montana and it’s really a trip down memory lane. Usually in winter the smells aren’t really there. I keep stumbling on our walks because I close my eyes and just smell. I’m going to miss walking once I’m home. I’m hoping there’s not a lot of ice and I can get outside.

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