Despicable me

We are in Twin Falls, Idaho (signed books at the BN tonight, so if you’re in the neighborhood, they have signed copies!). We are staying the night at the Best Western, which has the best shower ever. Best shower head. I mean it. I want to take it home. The dogs are welcomed here also and Sandy, the clerk, and her daughter, are just so very nice.

Voodoo, however, is not doing so well. He’s having stomach trouble again. He’s still on the special diet and I added water to his food and tried to water him a lot today as well as walk him a lot. I think being home tomorrow will help. We only have about a five hour drive left, so it should be pretty quick.

As for the despicable me part, the kids got this game for Xmas called Bookworm. It’s a word game for the NIntendo DS system. We all played it. All four of us are addicted. Crazy addicted. Up til now, I didn’t have a DS. But now I do. Because I love puzzle games and I’m giving in to the bug. Specially word games. Love ’em. This is kind of a word search/Tetris style game. sigh. I’m really weak.

Someone looked at our house today. I’m dying to know what they thought. Sigh.

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