the day that was

We had a doggie setback this a.m. I let him in from his morning constitutional and when I went to pet him, I somehow knocked him off balance and he sat down. It hurt him. A lot. He wouldn’t put any weight on his leg for hours. Called the vet and since we have an appointment for the stable tomorrow, I was to baby him and let him rest, and see how he does. He seems a little better now.

Barfboy struck again. Poor kid. He seems better now. I hope it stays that way.

We also got the clarinet. It’s a used Yamaha and the kid loves it. He can make some decent sound already and he’s very excited about it.

I had a story idea that involves a very specific object. It involves silver frogs with polished stones inside their mouths. They are set in a circle facing outward from each other with another stone in the middle. Something like agate or I don’t know. There’s a handle on it. I’m not sure what it is or who has it or why. Except I think the frog mouths open. Just not sure when or why. But I’ll figure it out. It will be something.


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