Bad things at work today. That’s all I can say. A bad week all around for work. If I could smite, I would be smiting.

Then barfboy calls to get picked up after lunch. Only he didn’t eat lunch. I don’t know if he’s got a lowgrade virus or if it’s an allergy or something out. Keeping a food diary. The thing is, he goes for ages without a problem, and then this will happen for a short period. He gets no other symptoms. No diarrhea, no cramps, or anything like that. He had some pills left on a prescription for anti-nausea medicine, so I picked that up today and now he’s in bed. Probiotics help so giving him those too. He’s an emotional kid and both bad and good stress can have a significant affect on him. he’s not had much to stress out about, except getting his clarinet. So I’m just not sure what’s what.

On a better note, the dogboy had his staples out today. One did not want to come out at all, but we finally got it. Whatever happened the other day doesn’t seem to be anything significant and he’s walking again on it, so I’ll now resume the rehab walking. Also, the diet is working and he’s lost 2 lbs. This is really good because he normally exercises a ton and now it’s extremely limited. Plus he needs to be lighter in general for his overall joints. He’s not at all fat. But he could lose weight. I think another pound or two would be about perfect. That’s speaking from someone who’s used to keeping the other dog on the really light side (because of his hip surgeries). So while corgis are often overweight, I’m used to them being very very trim. In fact the other dog has gained a bit and now is following the same diet, since he’s not running around as much either.

I’m hoping to do some writing, reading and cleaning this weekend. Pus do a lot of dog walking. I’d like to do some cooking too. Bake bread. That sounds lovely.

What are you planning for this weekend?

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