the days keep coming

I’ve just discovered something that probably everybody else already knew. But I’m sharing anyhow. For the past couple weeks, I’ve paused on the white Chuck Lorre Productions page that pops up after The Big Bang Theory, and I’ve read the little screed that’s there. Mostly very funny. Who knew? And it isn’t the only show. I found another one (though I forget which) that does the same thing. I totally love it.

I think this weekend we’ll be going to Missoula for a research trip. I’ve been using Google Earth and other maps to get the areas down, plus help from awesome friends, but I need to go see for myself. And take pictures. And hopefully not get arrested. Thinking of staying in a hotel with pretty big water slide. Kids would love it. They also take dogs. I think.

This has been a tough week. Girlie is lots better, but she was down for three days with the fever. I’ve been rehab walking the dog and he is improving, but there is still another six weeks before we go back for his checkup and another four after that before he’s done rehabbing, and that’s if everything goes well. The hard part is keeping him from playing. He’s no longer on the hard drugs that make him really slow and sleepy.

And now, time to go to get the kids on the bus and get to work. Have a terrific Friday!

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