the day before heart day

I think people should use Valentine’s day to get their heart checked out. I know, it’s been said before, but really, you can’t be in love if you’re dead.

Today the girlie is sick. Bad fever and a bad cough. She’s running around 102.

I’m making this recipe of bubble enchiladas tonight. I added stuff though. Like spices. And onions, bell peppers, black beans and chopped olives. Oh, and I took out the tomato sauce. And I made it with ground beef because, well, I had it. It’s baking right now. Hoping it turns out. I also totally ignored the listed measurements and eyeballed it. Smells good anyhow. First time I make a recipe I usually make an effort to follow it. But I couldn’t resist making a few alterations.

I didn’t see the Grammy’s, but I am a fan of Adele and was glad to see she did well. I did, this a.m., see a small outtake of her interview on 60 Minutes. I adore her accent. And I adore her attitude. OMG. Andersen Cooper asked her about if she felt pressured to look thinner like other pop stars. She said, oh no. I like to listen to them, but I don’t watch their videos. Who wants to look like a singing slut? (or something to that effect, but I’m fairly certain she used the word slut.) She’s clearly outspoken. I wish I’d seen the whole interview.

I did something in Blood Winter. It . . . startled me. I’m not sure what will happen as a result. I’m not sure readers won’t kill me if I leave it as is.

Wandering off to check dinner now.


  • Chris

    WTF!!! You did SOMETHING!?! It was STARTLING!?! You can’t do that to me! I am (im)patiently waiting for the next book and you’re hanging out teasers like that?! 😯

    I’m dying here! I love your books and I wish you well. I have sympathy for the BarfBoy situation and the ailing pets (though my chosen are feline), but dammit woman, have some pity.

    I may have to act out or something. Possibly I won’t put fabric softener in the load with everyone else’s underwear – just to spread the suffering. 👿

    • Di Francis

      yeah. startling might have been an understatement.

      I’d say I was sorry for teasing, but you know, I’m not :mrgreen:

      Oh, do spread the torture!

      And one of the dogboys is really half cat.

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