Blood Winter is done

Yes that is right. It is done. It’s got rough edges, especially since I wrote more than half of it in the less than the last two weeks. Yes, that’s right. This is not my normal process, but I had to push through some things and just do it. Sometimes life is no excuse.

Things I can tell you. This book has a lot of action. A lot. Did you think it wouldn’t? Some startling things happened. You will be surprised I think. There’s some good snarky bits. A lot of bleeding (what else is new).

Right now I am sooooo tired and I can’t scrape together any braincells to say anything more intelligent. I’ll be back with more tomorrow. Promise!

One Comment

  • Chris

    Want Blood Winter… NAOOOW!!!

    o.k. tantrum over; please proceed. (Which emoticon expresses reluctant/resigned patience? Whatever it is, please insert here.)

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