A day in which I did not write

I meant to write today. I did, really. But it turns out when all you do is write for a couple of weeks and before that write and do jobbery, life stuff piles up. So today I made with the life stuff.

I started by getting children up and on bus. Oh, and a shower. Then I met with a job candidate and had breakfast. After which, I went to my office and:

cleaned my folders on my computer so I could find stuff
cleaned my desk off so I could find stuff
prepared stuff for sending that I’d been neglecting
Made a list of stuff I have to get done
Went through and organized a bunch of stuff for taxes
loaded up the Photoshop suite that had been sitting there for months waiting for such an occurrence (took forever too)
vacuumed the house
folded clothes
emptied the garbage upstairs
went to post office
went to bank
walked dogs

and oh, yeah, checked email and all that sort of thing.

I should be able to do some writing next week. I don’t anticipate a lot this weekend. We have some house stuff to do and apparently my family wants to spend time with me. Who knew? Doesn’t really feel like I got much done, though.

I’m now having a girlie look over my shoulder wanting me to read to her. I spose I will do that. Next post I will say something coherent about Blood Winter.

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