It’s possible I’m nuts

I switched to Macs because I didn’t want a massive learning curve, I hate setting up MS when I first get a computer, and it seems to take forever to be able to get started with a PC. So what did I do? I got one for my kids. This is on the one hand, insane because of the MS stuff, and again because I’m getting a computer for children. That flabbergasts me. On the other hand, both need some work with skills like typing, math and language, and there are some great games out there for all of the above.

So now I’m setting it up. This is extra hard because of the fact that they are kids and I don’t really want them out on the net without permission and when they are, they are limited to only a few sites. I’ve not sorted out parental controls enough on MS to figure all that out. And I’m doing the backup disks, which take forever, so haven’t installed the antivirus which also might have some controls. But probably I have to buy something specifically for it, and I’m not sure which one will be best. I really don’t want to pay a yearly fee. And I mostly want to be able to approve if they go to any website but the approved ones. At this point, I don’t want them on much of anything. Hoodamath is a good site and there are a couple of others, but yeah, that’s about it. Occasionally they may be able to watch something off of Amazon Prime or youtube, since there are a lot of instructional videos on Youtube and boy is working on playing the clarinet.

But I want veto power before he actually (or she, since both) goes anywhere. Basically I want to block everything and be able to approve site by site. Got suggestions for that?

In the meantime, it’s raining. I actually have bulbs coming up in the yard and grass. Oops, just remembered I’ll have to download adblock plus. Yeah, randomosity.

I’ve not written anything today and that is a pain. But I did get my tax system organized for keeping track of things–not high tech, so not a database or anything–and so that’s an accomplishment. I’m always scrambling this time of year. Not because I’m totally not organized, but just not enough. I always think I’ll do better, but this year I”m actually making the effort. Damn, ANOTHER recover disk. Shit.

Puppies took a long drive with us today. They weren’t sure they wanted to go, but then again, they got to come along. So they weren’t quite sure what the point was, but then again, they got to be with us.

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  • MaryW

    I also hate to make backup disks, so I bought a second internal hard drive and Norton Ghost. Before new software is installed all maintenance (scan disk and defrag) is done and the disk is cloned. After the software is installed and tested the same actions are taken. This is slightly paranoid but I program and cannot have a computer outage that lasts more then 2 hours. Please teach them to backup the data as well. Norton also allows a diffential backup at scheduled intervals. Most suites have timed backup features and those can be invaluable.

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