The weekend

The update on Guster goes like this. It looks like he’s had a rib broken before. He shies significantly from fast movements and feet. I frequently pet my dogs with my feet. I tried to do that with him and he about broke himself trying to get away. I think it’s clear that he’s been grabbed by the scruff of the neck and yanked around a lot. Most definitely he’s been kicked. I would love to do some kicking of my own on the people who hurt him.

On the other hand, he’s all about love and climbing up on laps. We took him for a leash walk today. Oh dear. That didn’t go well. He was afraid of the leash. Afraid of the harness. He pulled a lot and tried to get far away from the end of the leash (I used a retractable one) and so I may need to switch to a regular one, except I think he’s more comfortable on a longer leash. But eventually he settled into the idea for the most part and started to relax. But I think tomorrow it will be a shorter walk just to keep him less nervous. You know, because that last phrase was all grammatically correct and made sense. Right?

The rest of the weekend involved having guests over, sending children over to other people’s houses and vice versa, and weird things getting into my eyes and hurting like hell. I got precious little writing done, but I was frequently mounded with children and dogs. I apparently am very comfortable to sleep on. Must be all that fat. Sigh.

I also made babyback ribs for dinner guests on Friday night. Okay, they were endpieces and odd bits. I cooked them in the crockpot in beer and hickory smoke flavoring. Then I pulled them out and put them in baking dishes with BBQ sauce and covered them with foil and put them in the oven on a low heat. After a couple hours I put on more sauce and they went another hour. They were fabulous. Tender and amazing. I served them with a cantelope and strawberry salad, corn, and fresh bread. It was really good. I was really glad about how the ribs turned out and I will definitely cook them that way again.

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