painting and cat-dogs

Today we have been prepping our front room for painting. We moved furniture and pictures, spackled, sanded, put down paint cloths, plastic and etc, and then primered. We also went and got paint. Tomorrow it’s full scale painting. You have to understand that our front room stretches across the full length of the front of our house.

So all that took some time. But. We also got to meet with Nicole and her husband Tim who wanted to meet for me to sign books and hang out for a bit. They were coming up on a Spring Break vacation. They are very cool people, and they are rock hounds, so I will be stalking to them to teach me about it.

We also went to the movies. I took my son to see The Hunger Games and the man took girlie to see The Lorax. Much enjoyment was had all around.

Tonight we are upstairs in our spare room. There is a dog between us, one downstairs, and one on the back of the couch behind my head. My husband has often accused one of the dogs of being a cat-dog. Which is to say, he has a lot of cat personality traits, like flomping across my hands when he doesn’t want me to type anymore, or stretching out on the arm of the couch and that sort of thing. But now the rescue corgi, Guster, stretched out on the back of the couch acting like my headrest. Total cat behavior.

I also have a post up on Magical Words today on writing a book.

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