writer neuroses

Actually, this comes under the topic of neuroses, but I’m only covering one here. The fear of running out of ideas. That includes general plot ideas as well as world ideas, characters, and even clothing and food ideas. I live in perpetual fear of this, and thus write down all my ideas as they come up and so far, my mind has never failed me. But that doesn’t alleviate the fear.

What’s funny (ironic funny) is that frequently writers get mugged by ideas that come out of the blue and demand to be written right now. Right. Now. Even in the middle of fearing a dearth of ideas, idea muggings happen. Today that happened to me. Only it wasn’t exactly a new mugging. It was one that I’d had a little while ago and managed to shunt aside and today it popped back and said, Time for me!!!! It’s a bit of a blindside and I’m trying to take some notes. It’s a hugely fun idea and could be both hilarious and action-packed. I’d have a blast writing it. But first . . . I have the other projects. Think it will wait a few weeks for me to get those nailed down a bit?

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