Official and other news

It’s official. I have signed contracts to make my Path novels and my Crosspointe novels into Audio Books through I’m so excited. I can’t wait to hear how they sound.

And in other news, if you’re a blogger or a reviewer and want to get copies of Blood Winter or any of the other Horngate books, pop me an email and I’ll get it done. Giveaways are also possible. And if you’d like me to guest blog or interview or podcast or anything of that sort for you, let me know. dpf @

I wish I knew how to do a book trailer. I’d like to have one for this release.

And now, someone is coming to look at the house shortly, so I’m going to go finish cleaning and making the house smell of cookies.


  • Lisa


    I’m a blogger and would love to have you on my blog. Guest post, or interview, and giveaway.

    I’m already receiving your book thru your pub.

    I can spread the word if you want, to fellow bloggers, who may jump at this.

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