blebity glub

I’m tired. I’m so tired, that every time I sit down to make a post, I have nothing worth saying. In fact, I have gibberish. My life for the last week has involved nothing more than grading papers and teaching. Well, and a bunch of paperwork that doesn’t involve teaching, and oh, yeah, that whole being a single mom thing–since the man is working in Oregon. Also, cleaning, for a house showing the other day, and we have another on Friday, so there will be more cleaning. Also, flag football for the kids starts this Saturday. And I have some more grading to do. Plus I haven’t been sleeping. Actually, I had managed some sleep last night for awhile, but then the power went out and when it came back on, my computer’s surge protector decided to beep about it.

I have a desire to spend a day or so reading and vegging with the dogs. And napping. Tomorrow is a day off from teaching and so I can do all that, except for the grading I need to do. Which means there will be dogs, but no vegging. Also I have a rib that is acting up and I think I need to go to the chiropractor. I don’t want to.

Well, reading that over, I think I’ve demonstrated that I’m still blathering gibberish. I hope I get over my gibberishness soon. I’d like to string coherent words together and not just here.

It’s 9:30. I never go to bed this early. But I think I am tonight.

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  • Sasha

    I know just how you feel – been there myself more than once over the years. One day, when I was working full time running and teaching at an alternative school in the Bay Area I ran with a toddler and infant who came with me so I didn’t have to choose between being a career person and a mother I was so down in the dumps I phoned Imogen Cunningham and cried to her about not being able to get out in nature and photograph and get inspiration for my writing. With real empathy she shared what it had been like for her being a nature photographer and a young mum. She gave me some good advice I still take many years later, whenever I get in the same place. ‘Turn your eye and your camera to what is around you.’

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