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What do you suppose the first rule of Book Club is? It can’t be that we don’t talk about it. I mean, what’s the point of book club if we don’t talk?

Incidentally, it’s been a night of drama at my house. I swear my son got hit with a hormone swarm today and he’s been an emotional mess. My head is pounding.

And now to the poll:

[contact-form][contact-field label=’book club vote’ type=’radio’ options=’Temping is Hell by Cathy Yardley,Alchemystic by Anton Strout,Between by Kerry Schafer,Moon Called by Patty Briggs,Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane’/][/contact-form]

It’s not a long list, so the top choice is the winner. Let’s see if we can do this by Saturday at 5 my time, or whenever I get back from Costco with the kids. (It’s a two hour ddrive one way, so who knows when we will actually make it home). BTW, this is a great list. I’ve read a couple of them, but would gladly reread them and I’ve wanted to read the rest.

Incidentally, I just finished reading Garden Spells, which is a quiet magical realism story and I loved it. Just loved it.


  • Douglas Meeks

    “what’s the point of book club if we don’t talk”
    OK, without actually giving away my choice it came down to this:

    Temping Is Hell : Entertaining, light reading, funny and enough serious plots/subplots to keep it from being silly. Add to that some hidden things (all of which are not revealed in this first book) and it makes for a good reading experience (this was my nomination)

    Alchemystic: After reading the reviews and the summary plus the first few pages of the teaser Amazon allows I might have to betray my own nomination for this one. It is just the kind of story that appeals to my White knight syndrome plus the thriller/mystery thrown in makes it a appealing choice.

    Between: Sorry Diana but after reading what info was available and the teasers and such this one just did not call out to me. Since I tend to think our tastes are similar I assume it is a good choice but the premise was not calling out to me.

    Moon Called: Not much to say since I already know this is an exceptional book but it was so long ago I would have to reread the whole book which I tend to not wish to do because my judgement from memory would be tainted by the things that happen long after this first book was published. I highly recommend this as a “must read” for anyone in a general sense.

    Unholy Ghosts – tried 3 times to get into this book (still gathering digital dust on my Kindle) and finally I accepted I could never really accept the flaws in these characters nor really even like the world they are in so for me this was never a real choice but in the forum I am involved in about 60-70% of people loved them while the rest of us never could understand why 🙂

    • Di Francis

      I haven’t read Between, so I have no idea if it’s any good. Sooner or later I’ll get to it, no matter the choice here.

      Now you made me want to read Unholy Ghosts just to talk about it here!

      • Colette

        I am one of those people who absolutely loved this book and series. At first I didn’t want to read it because Chess is such a damaged person, and I didn’t think I could like a drug addicted lead charactor. But once I started, I couldn’t put it down. I love the charactors, because even though they are damaged and not what you would think of as heros, they never use it as an excuse – Chess especially, grows in each book. I just think this series is outstanding.

  • Adrianne

    Di, when my kids got hit with hormone surges, I discovered that flax seed & flax seed oil helped a lot. The challenge was getting them to take the stuff. You can grind flax seed in a coffee grinder, then put 2 Tbs in a smoothie, but it must be drunk immediately or you end up with sludge. Or you can beg them to choke down a tablespoon of oil, which isn’t fun, but it’s over with in a hurry. Sadly essential fatty acids break down when exposed to air (so it needs to be fresh ground) or when they’re heated (so baking it into bread doesn’t work.)

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