Children and Other Strange Creatures

Sometimes children are marvelous creatures and very unexpected. Today in the afternoon, I told the kids they could play some video games once girlie finished her reading homework and boy finished his clarinet practice. This countermanded a day before timeout for boy on games, but girlie wasn’t in the room to hear the countermanding. I then went and climbed into bed with lots of blankets because for some reason I was just freezing. It may be the stress of the not knowing if people will make an offer on the house limbo. Hope and fear colliding make for stress. Anyhow, awhile later boy comes up to find me. Apparently girlie (who is 3.5 years younger), wouldn’t let him play games. She’d pause it every time he tried because she knew he wasn’t supposed to. Here’s the thing that’s so unexpected. He let her. Over and over. He’s older, bigger than her by quite a lot, and he could have used force or otherwise gained the upper hand. But he didn’t. That makes me pretty proud of both of them. Her for being strong and him for being gentle.

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