Book Club Selection

And the next book club reading selection for March 2nd, is Moon Called by Patty Briggs.  Voting went:

Moon Called IIIII  IIII

Temping II

Between IIII

Alchemystic III

Unholy Ghosts III

Now let’s hope everyone can read and be there to discuss! It’s been awhile since I read Mooncalled. It will be fun to reread it and see how it holds up for me.


  • Douglas Meeks

    Well I have to read 2 books in the next 3 days and write reviews for the publisher but hopefully I can scan the book and recall what she could and could NOT do in book #1, it is an exceptional series. A lot of it is remembering what Mercy did NOT know at that time 🙂

  • Di Francis

    It’s been so long since I read any of the Mercy books that I can’t remember a lot about the series. And I’m behind on the last two I think. That happens when you pack all your books to clean up the house and you can’t remember what books you have and don’t have.

    • Douglas Meeks

      Crap, I did not even think about that, I read it in paperback and since I do everything in Kindle now I bet I don’t even have the book anymore and will need an electronic version. Oh , well I have spent money on much worse books 🙂 (MUCH worse books)

  • Leslie

    Well this gives me a good excuse to buy it. 🙂 I think River Marked is the only one of the series I actually have a copy of so far. It will be fun to re-read it.

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