Sunday Morning Coming Down

Ah, love me some Johnny Cash (via Kris Kristofferson with that song).


Today I got work done on the WIP. Have fully slipped into edit mode and have been chopping, reshaping, snipping, and rethinking. I hate to say it (because I always hate to say that anything I’ve written needs so much work–but welcome to Writer’s World, where you get to ride the rollercoaster of angst and joy and dive down into the pit of self doubt and ride back up to the peak of perfection, only to fall fast into the bottomless hole of ‘it all sucks.)

I want to remind you all that you can listen to the first three Crosspointe books at And the fourth will come soon, along with the three Path books. I want to hear what you think of the Audible version.

I’m a little sad we had so little turnout on the book club. I love these discussions and I hope more can make it next time. Tomorrow we’ll start looking for our next nomination. This time we’ll go with something released since January of 2012. Preferably something you haven’t read.

We had someone take a second look at the house. Waiting to hear if anything is going to come of that. Trying not to think about it a whole lot.


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