Horngate question

So my friends, if you were going to read a Horngate story, what would you want it to be about? I want to write one, but I can’t seem to settle on one choice. It’s like a box full of shinies and I keep thinking this one, but wait! What about–? And Oh, Oh! What about–? In response to such, I come to you to ask. Who would you like me to write about? Here are some I’ve thought of:

  • An early Xaphan Story
  • An early Tutresiel story
  • An early Niko, Tyler, Oz, Max, Alexander . . . story
  • A Giselle story
  • What happens after Blood Winter.
  • Something with Scooter or Ilanion.

See what I mean? And you probably have others. Maybe you have something really specific. Ready? Go!


  • Mikaela

    … Well, I would love to know what happened to the Grims.
    Otherwise something set in Shadow City would be fun 🙂

    • Douglas Meeks

      “what happened to the Grims” – that is always one of the more interesting parts of the books but it would have to be included in whatever story is decided since they appealed to the animal lovers in us 🙂

  • Shannon R

    I would be interested in an early story of Giselle. Perhaps the details of her decision to turn Max and what had happened to lead her to that…

    My alternate is the story of Alexander before we met him.

    I love this series more than I can say and I work to make everyone I know read it!

  • Douglas Meeks

    Am I the only one that wants to go beyond Blood Winter? (Since I thought the ending was premature) As a secondary choice a Giselle story maybe but I still hold some resentment for her character that was never quite resolved. After that the angels were most interesting.

  • Susan E. Baratta

    I definitely want to know what happens after Blood Winter. I was so sad when the series ended. Go for it!

  • Mari

    Nope, you aren’t the only one! I want more after Blood Winter too! Second choice for me would also be early Giselle – only slightly ahead of an early Alexander story. Honestly, I’m sure I’ll love whatever I get!

  • Missy S

    you layout such awesome characters tool goi backwards seems wrong… more after Blood Winter!

  • Holly (FoundQuilting)

    I want to know what happens after Blood Winter.

    While I would like to know the back stories of the characters I would rather they be a part of present time stories.

  • Paula Porter

    It has to be a prequel of Giselle along the lines of “Wicked” as the prequel to Oz. You’ve only touched upon the relationship of Giselle and Max!

  • Kimq

    After Blood Winter!!!!!!! I would love to have a story about the two angels. I would love for the two of them to find their significant others they cant live without. I also would like to know more about Shadow City. *Crossing my fingers that you would do a spin-off based there*

  • Leslie

    I would also love to see an early Gisele story – maybe when she turns Max, or maybe even earlier. It would be fun to see inside her head.

    I’m all for more of Shadow City.

  • david

    more after blood winter!the series ended with to many cliff hangers.the issue with the grims wasn’t resloved. there is still the problem with the guardians,what happened to scooter and what happened in shadow city?there is way to much left to come out of this series to just let it go!i expected at least four more books!first time you hav actually disappointed me di!

  • Christina

    Also… whatever happened to the hag from the first book? She was just left as a stone in some random place, from my recollection!

    There are so many pieces that could be used to tie things together deliciously! I hope more is to come!

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