Story plans and life implosion

You all have not made it at all easy to make a choice about what story to write. You know that don’t you? Is that on purpose? Are you trying to drive me crazy? That is, crazier? I think what I will do is make a plan to write several Horngate stories/novellas this year. Without knowing what will be happening in my life, it’s tough to plan, and not knowing what I will have to be working on as far as deadlines makes that worse. Plus I’m working on another novel proposal. All the same, I want to keep busy and do some more exploring of the Horngate world. What will I work on first? I don’t know.

On the life implosion front, my dad has an arrhythmia. According to the doc he has a valve issue. They are going to do an angiogram to see what’s causing it and to also look at the bypasses he had in 1995. It was a six way bypass. If there are no problems with those, then they will take measurements and later go back and install a new valve through the artery (an angio procedure). If the bypasses are problematic, they will do open heart surgery and fix things. Or so the plan is now without having an inside look. My dad is 83 with a pacemaker. So I’m just a little bit concerned. As in, freaking out and trying not to because really, none of this will happen until late in May or into June. Hard to sustain panic for that long, so I guess I’ll have to nurse it. Sigh.

Don’t forget we’re having our Turn of Light Discussion this Saturday. Have you been reading????

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  • Leslie

    Wow, that’s a life implosion alright! Sending positive thoughts for your dad.

    Not sure I’ll finish A Turn of Light by Saturday, but I’m really enjoying it so far.

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