Two Incredibly Important Things

First, I’m giving away another Amazon certificate. Forgot how much. Like maybe 10-15 bucks. Comment here to win. Say something entertaining if you like. In fact, tell me how much you love the gym . . .

And to go with the that, FUNNIES!


  • April V.

    Can’t say as I’ve ever much liked the gym. Unless I’m participating in some team sport or riding a bike and enjoying the scenery, I’d rather do my exercising in secret where nobody can giggle at my jiggles. In fact, I usually do most in the dark outside in the morning and evening when I take the dog out. And while I’m brushing my teeth – with the added benefit that I always spend enough time on my teeth!

  • Chrysoula

    I have started working out at home. I’m enjoying it, I think. Lifting weights! Overhead press 50 (60?) lbs!

    Funny thing: Today when I was helping the baby finish breakfast and he started getting upset that I walked away to get a wet towel to clean him up with, I found myself saying, “Take it easy, Meltdown Posy.” I have no idea where that came from.

  • Di Francis

    I used to do the gym, when it was close and handy and before there were kids. Plus I had friends to go with and that made it better. Now getting there is out of the question. So I do the elliptical at home in the winter and do a lot of walking otherwise. I do miss swimming though. I love to swim.

  • Maria (BearMountainBooks)

    I detest the gym. I don’t like lifting weights at home, but I do it–whining all the while. I figure the whining is additional exercise, right???

    My idea of exercise is gardening. If it produces food, that’s a huge benefit!

  • ChrisP

    For the past year-plus, I have been going to the gym on weekdays for a 1-hour circuit-type class. (I loathe team sports and lack the motivation to work out at home.)

    I still can’t say that I love it, because I am basically lazy and it requires effort. πŸ™‚ Still, I enjoy seeing the trainers and the other regulars, I like how I feel afterwards, and I like that I am noticeably fitter and stronger.

    I liken it to brushing my teeth. I don’t love OR hate the process; I just like the results.

  • Rebecca

    The only thing I like about the gym is the ability to listen to audio books while working out. Without a long commute, it’s the only time I can listen to them.

  • Mari

    Somehow or another I lost my “gym” (which was really a dance studio) when they stopped doing the class I wanted and haven’t found a replacement. I really should find a replacement. Where else can I listen to questionable music (7 y/o in my house) and dance like a freak job? πŸ˜€

  • Kanani

    We joined the YMCA last year and it’s been the best investment in my health ever. My daughter has ballet there 3 times a week for an hour and while she’s dancing, the rest of us use the gym. What I hate about the gym? Not everyone has the same consideration that I do to NOT smell bad while perspiring. It’s the least a person can do, right?

  • Douglas Meeks

    The gyn is a place I donate money to but need a map to find the place since I have not been since I signed up. They do send me really nice cards on my birthday and at Christmas. At least I have an answer for people who might ask “Where do you work out?” but I need something similar to basic training I had in the Army. They had me convinced that they really could kill me and send my body home and nobody would ever ask any questions, talk about motivation, you got maximum benefit from time spent in that place. Falls into that rare catagory of “Glad I did it but NEVER want to do it again”

  • Tine

    I hate going to the gym. I had joined the local gym and was participating in their “Greatest Losers” program. One day, we were doing cardio tennis; they don’t care how or where you hit the ball all that matters is that you move for an hour. I planted myself, moved everything with the exception of my knee. One torn ACL, 2 minisci (sp) tears later….

    I am hear to say, “Exercise is bad for your health.”

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