Should have known better

First an update on boy. Boy has nothing specific wrong with him that the doc can see without going into a lot of tests. We’re going to try an anti nausea and antacid first, in case whatever he has had irritated the lining of his stomach and overproduced acid and the fact that he hasn’t been able to eat that much have created a stew of bubbling horror in his stomach. He has not barfed since about 11 this morning. Here’s hoping there’s no more to come. I found a watermelon at the store when I went to get the prescriptions. Boy had some for dinner along with some yogurt and some sprite.

I have been poking at my other WIP project and had a fabulous idea for the opening last night. I went to sleep without writing it down. You can see where this is going, can’t you? I totally forgot it. Damn it!!! This is a real problem because I’ve been struggling with how to bring together the elements. I’ve also been doing some research about where exactly I plan to set it and I have worked that out, and now I have to make a sketch of my world. But I really needed that way in because I have all these various elements that need to come together. Anyhow, I know better and I could kick myself for not getting up and writing it down. Idjit.

In other news, I’m totally annoyed with someone in my life, enough to work them into a novel and kill them off, or torture them heavily. just saying.


  • Douglas Meeks

    “enough to work them into a novel and kill them off” – this is why writers should never be stressed 🙂

    I worked for a very tough boss for years, he was a great mentor but accepted almost nothing as an excuse but he taught me to sleep with a notepad by my bed so I would write down solutions to problems we were working on if they hit me in the middle of the night. Worked pretty good about 80% of the time, the other 20% you could not read what you wrote or it made no sense at all 🙂

    We all thought life would be better if we could get away from the old bastard. 10 years later those of us still left looked back at those days as some of the best in our career, not sure what the point is here but many times I can see things better when separated from events by years.

  • ChrisP

    When my youngest was about 6 (she’s now 14), she wrote a story where we went on a family vacation to Africa and I was trampled in a wildebeest stampede the first day. (My girls liked the Lion King.) The story went on and then the author was the sole survivor of a car wreck just a block from home. It ended with “And then Kyla (my daughter) went to live with Amanda (her best friend) and never had to have a time-out again.”

    It was clear that I had punished her for something and had to die. Just as clear was that the rest of the family had to die as a plot device – nothing personal.

    A couple of years later, she found the story while cleaning her room, felt terribly guilty and was going to throw it out. This was the first I’d seen it, but I laughed. I told her that everyone wants to kill their mother at some point in their life; this was a pretty healthy way to do it. Now it’s a family joke. Whenever she is angry with one of us, we say, “Is that a herd of wildebeest I hear?”

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