Hello coma. Where did you come from? Plus a thank you

Got up this morning because we were going to unload the trailer. No one else moved for another 2 hours. So I was doing a little writing down of the ideas I’d had for the WIP and waiting. Upon rising, we ate something and went to go shopping at Costco and the pet store (we had broken the lid of the fish tank). Got some basic foodstuffs for lunches and dinners at Costco and ended up getting a 20 gallon fishtank. We’d had a ten gallon. Don’t ask me why. It seemed like a good idea at the time. It now has some water in it and is waiting for rocks and etc. and once the chlorine evaporates, fish.

So after lunch, we came home and the boy of size was feeling queasy so he laid down. So we all sat down for a bit and then . . . coma. I don’t know what time it was when we sat down, but it was almost 5 when we stirred. Holy crap! so anyhow, we then started unloading the trailer, zombie style. We got about half done and all but one piece of furniture out. The rest is boxes. And it was exhausting. I thing I’m really running out of steam. But tomorrow I hope we get all the rest out of the trailer and I can start putting things away. And deadhead the roses.

It is now raining. Dinner was a chocolate shake because frankly, we all thought it was a good idea. Dogs are on the couch and hinting that they need some love. I need to find their brushes.

And finally, some lovely anonymous person sent me an Amazon Gift Card. Thank you so much!!!

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  • marcia S.

    I just went thru a move to a new house, just started to unpack, but still in the boxes stage with the which box did you pack my things in or the horror look of did you pack my stuff. Dogs just walking behind us as they don’t want to be made to move out of the way again so whine to go outdoors and lay on the porch to be safely out of our feet.

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