the boxes they stack up

So. Very. Tired.

My wrists are so sore I can’t tell you. But the fish are in their tank instead of the kitty litter bucket, our bed is now put together and we can actually sleep in our room rather than in the spare room bed, and much of the kitchen is put back together. All I need now is a shower and maybe some tea. Which reminds me, I’ve discovered I’m either a tea whore or a tea hoarder, or possibly both. I have a ridiculous amount of tea and I gave away a bunch. I also called people to come give estimates and do work in the house today, along with laundry and kid herding.

Does anybody else want pie? I really want pie.

I’m going to have to slow down to keep my wrists from hurting so much. Looks like my friend has encephalitis. How the hell does that happen?

I did not nap today, however, which I count as a victory.

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