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Watching a CSI Miami because nothing much is on. I stopped watching the show fairly early on in the series. I would still watch CSI NY and CSI LV. There are two major reasons for that. First, in the Miami show, the writing is horribly clunky. There is so much ‘as you know bob’ stuff going on that it drives me nuts. The other two are far more subtle about it. But in the Miami show, the CSIs constantly tell each other stuff they already know. Like for instance, telling a tech expert in fibers to run the fibers through a particular database (that the tech would already know about) so, (also said aloud), they can discover what the fiber is from. Um, duh. I should probably go back to unpacking, but my wrists are sore and I’m trying not to totally overdue it. The other thing that drives me nuts about this show is that the women wear completely inappropriate clothing for their jobs. Light colored clothing, extraordinarily high spike heels, deep vee neck sweaters and shirts, and generally completely inappropriate for their work environment. Now the other shows do that to some extent too, don’t get me wrong. But this is so over the top it drives me batty. I mean at least on CSI LV they wear coveralls and vests about half the time.

Drinking tea and thinking about fixing lunch. We’re going to have a couple of cabinet makers coming in to give estimates on building in a desk and shelves for my office. It’s small and a little bit odd-shaped, and I think it’s going to be much more workable to build a little desk in than try to make something fit. My old kitchen table desk will certainly not fit at all. I also want to find out the cost on building in a china type cabinet for storage in the dining room. We have a big space to put it in, and I want to see what it would cost to build something to fit the entire space (storage is my friend). And finally, I need a wall of shelves in one room. I don’t know that I can afford this stuff, but I want to find out the cost.

I guess I’d better bestir myself to fix food for the kidlets. Also must finish the laundry. I have noticed on the washer (front loading) that it has a kind of mildewy smell to it. Don’t like it. Got any ideas on cleaning that?


  • Tine

    Two ideas about the front loader washing machine since I have one as well.

    1) Do an empty cycle wash and put a cup of vinegar in it or some rags that you don’t care about.

    2) When I am through with the washing, I always put a rag into the rubber gasket that goes around the door and soak up the water that is always left behind. I then try to make sure that I don’t leave the rag in the gasket and will hang it up on some shelves that I have right above the washer and dryer.

    I find that if I keep up with the second option (almost said #2) the mildew smell is pretty much non existent.

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