Going a little bit nuts

I knew it was going to happen–that moment when I really really really want to find something and I can’t. No one else has seen them either. We did set up some shelves in the garage so I can get rid of some stuff that way. Well, at least I have a place to put it. I also found the fish food and the silverware. All good things. But the fact is that I really need to find some things, which means I really need to finally finish unloading the trailer. Also trimmed dog toenails. Oh yeah. That was fun. They do not like it. No sir, not one bit. Tomorrow have to go to the grocery store. Apparently my kids have begun to suck down milk like they’ve may never get any again.

I did actually empty a number of boxes today and looked forlornly at some books that I’d like to read but don’t have time.

All this packing and unpacking stuff–aren’t you just oh so fascinated? I have been contemplating just not unpacking, becoming a hoarder, and thereby becoming safe from serial killers who would never find me in the house. It’s an option.

Oh, had the dryer vent sucked out today. The dyer hasn’t been working that well, so hopefully this is the answer. Also, turned on the AC, which feels really wrong and expensive. But it got warm and muggy today and the upstairs of the house was really really hot. I’m now happy my office is downstairs. I call it an office, but really it’s just a room full of boxes.

In the meantime, the kids are hyper one moment and weepy the next. Poor things. Dogs are trying to figure things out, but they spend a lot of time running too and fro. They like too and fro running.





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  • Kristen b.

    Reminds me of when I was tearing through boxes to find certain items i needed asap just this fall. Friend calls moving the “m word”.

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