Of little news

I’ll say it again: I am a heat wimp. We’re having a significant heatwave here and apparently it’s unusual to get so hot. Got to around 95 or 97 and muggy. For many this is not so hot. For me, yeah, it’s way hot. Have you heard of those evaporative towels? Do they work? I’m getting one to see if will help the man at work. On the other hand, we bbqed and had a lovely dinner. I’m hoping to crawl out of bed early tomorrow and maybe walk the dogs.

Been running around like a headless chicken all weekend. Got fresh fruits and veggies at the Saturday market. Lovely goodies. Now I have to bake a blackberry pie. Did arrange a few more things in the house and got some more stuff unpacked. But the fact is it will be a long row to hoe. One step at a time, I guess. Or rather, a few boxes at a time. The major issue is finding where to put everything. I’m going to have to set up a donation box or ten.

I must also work on getting some writing done now that the kitchen is set up. I can cook, sleep, and eat. My office won’t be ready for some time, but I have the laptop and I have to get work done, if my kids allow it. They aren’t all that interested in allowing it though. They are extremely needy and can’t really blame them, so I’ll have to find some balance.


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