Damn and Damn Again

The news worsens with my friend with spinal meningitis/encephalitis. She has a blood clot in her leg and has been sent to Salt Lake City. Because she also has a brain bleed, treatment is tricky. Praying hard for her.

On other subjects, David Coe, writing as DB Jackson, has a new book out today. It’s called Thieves’ Quarry and is a sequel to Thieftaker, which is an amazing book. Go here for more info. DB/David will be here on July 11th to answer some questions and talk about the new book and I’ll offer a quick and dirty review of Thieftaker. So mark your calendars.

So far things progress well with the house sale. Looks like the signing will happen on time. Really happy about that. Took the dogs walking this morning at a park while the kids played on the park stuff. It was reasonably cool and very pleasant. Then it started to warm up. The weather is supposed to break tomorrow. But it’s 111 today where my parents live. ACK! I don’t know how desert dwellers handle this heat–you know, the ones who live and work in it and not those who live in Dubai in AC with infinity pools on their 53rd floor balcony.

Found my bathroom scale today. This is probably a good thing. Because I lose weight in really small increments and so it doesn’t register on what I see or how my clothes fit that quickly,  the scale helps me stay encouraged that I’m actually making progress. I mean, it can take me a month to lose a pound. We’ll see what it says about how I’ve been doing during this whole process.

I just made orders for books. Working on a new super secret idea involving the Tower of London. So research must inevitably happen. Wish I had shelves to put books on. Still waiting on estimates for those. Hopefully I’ll know something this week. A desk would be nice, while we’re at it.

I can’t hear very well on my cell phone. It’s 3.5 years old and I probably need to upgrade, but I just don’t know if I want to go with a smart phone with a glass screen I could break pretty easily, or what. I prefer to have a keyboard also. Bah.







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  • MeyW

    Get the glass screen and an Otter box. I have dropped my phone on driveways, stones and floors. The phone has survived all. I also put a Body Guardz screen protector on the phone.

    The quality of the screen is really worth the upgrade.

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