blubbity blub blub

I’d like to have something interesting to say today, but I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel. Mostly I’ve been trying to rearrange and unpack and clean and cook and donate stuff and wrangle kids and put stuff away and write and change addresses and, well, I can’t begin to list it all. I did clip doggie toenails and brush doggies out tonight. They were mostly happy, except neither like the toe clipping. I’m wondering if the nails are so long that it actually hurts Viggo’s front feet and if I can stay on top of clipping in order to shorten them, maybe he’ll feel better. But I have to find a local vet. I think he needs his glands expressed.

I’m trying to prepare to fetch my desk on Saturday. I keep finding stuff I have to put away and keep thinking, why do I want to own this? But it isn’t always about me. and some of it is weirdly sentimental and I have to decide if I can get rid of it. If I need stuff that much. If I want stuff that much.

Here’s some really good advice: don’t spill liquid laundry detergent all over the floor. The garage floor. Don’t upend it unknowingly and let it leak into a big pool. It won’t clean with water. Doesn’t work. I hear (after the fact) that scraping it up with something like a mudding paddle would work, but I ended up taking a bunch of dry rags and wiping it up (a serious bunch) and then when I got all the obvious liquid up, I took a bunch of wet rags (not the same ones because the soap wouldn’t just rinse out of them) and cleaned the rest. Luckily the children were helping and were very helpful. But don’t do it. That’s my advice.

Tomorrow I get to run a bunch more errands and do more slogging of boxes and such. The key thing is that I really need minions. Lots and lots of minions. One day I hope to write full time. Soon as I get a little bit more situated. Yes, that’s the ticket.


  • MaryW

    With 3 sons doing laundry this has happened a few times. I gave up on large bottles of laundry soap but the preferred way to clean it up is to wash all the towels. Blot the soap with one towel and put in the washer with some of the other dirty towels. Repeat as necessary. This is a tile floor and does get washed regularly so not too much dirt is added. The wet/dry was not a good choice.

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