WIP Snippet

Here’s a snippet. Hope you enjoy. Also, I’ve got a post up on Magical Words on Cardboard Characters today. Do come and visit.

Taryn could only blink in disbelief. It was the stuff of children’s nightmares and old world witch burnings. Her gaze dropped to the book on the rock. She couldn’t argue that there wasn’t magic in Axton. And Granger had come notifying the Book List after Hattie’s attack. He wouldn’t have done that if there wasn’t real power in the books and in the women who claimed them.

Where there was power, there was danger.

Surreptitiously, she nudged the book off the rock into the pool. It sank without a splash.

“I wouldn’t ever hurt you,” she said.

“The question is, why would my Lisette think you would?”

Taryn spun around and fell hard on her butt, only to find herself looking up at the business end of yet another gun.


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