boy updatery

So the boy is not better. Still throwing up as much today as a week ago.  Took him to the doc again today. The upshot is head scratching and a referral to a gastro specialist, plus some bloodwork. He was taken off the Zantac since it’s having no effect. He’s been prescribed anti-nausea medicine. I’m hoping we’ll get into the gastro specialist sooner rather than later. The doc also mentioned that scoping him might be a good idea. He doesn’t think it’s an ulcer or gastritis. Maybe the bloodwork will show an infection. I would sure like to get him well. He’s missing so much school.

We did put up the tree today, and my parents arrived. We’re happy about those things. Tomorrow is girlie’s school concert. That will be fun. I still have tons of holiday preparations to make. One of these days I’ll get on that. Sigh.


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