Back in the saddle

The writers retreat was amazing. Just amazing. Here’s a set of the photos on flickr. I took my camera, but I grabbed the wrong charger, so all of these were taken with my phone. I only figured out using the flash on two pictures. Guess which.

I decided to work on the piece I posted last. I ended up writing about 15K words on it. Not sure how long it will be. I want it to be a novella and I want to try to self-pub it. I may be asking for beta readers on it when I get it done, though not sure when that will be. It was really nice to focus on writing and get in the groove. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get focused at home yet. I’m hoping tomorrow. I really want and need to get back in the writing groove.

In the meantime, my dad had surgery finally and is getting around a bit. Hopefully they will make it home reasonably soon. The boy of size is still sick, though started tutoring this week. That’s good.

I did send the tax packet off to the accountant today. I’m still waiting on a document, but hoping that comes very soon. I’m hoping I can actually file on time this year. It would be nice. Now I have to get all my stuff out from this year so far and get them into the spread sheet.


  • Denise G

    YAY on a great retreat! I’d love to beta read – never have for a published author before (well I did for Ilona Andrews for Clean Sweep, but a lot of people did for that) but I did it for all my friends through college.

  • Adrianne

    I’m glad your dad is finally through the surgery and that boy is getting tutoring. I hope you figure out the stomach thing soon.

    I’d be happy to be a beta reader! Good luck with the self-pubbing in any case.

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