confetti thoughts

I hate the phrase, “Man Cave.” Hate it. Irritates me beyond reason, and I couldn’t tell you why. Okay, I could. It’s because it’s idiotic. Is the woman supposed to be stay out? And is the man supposed to be some sort of neanderthal who isn’t allowed out? (Don’t answer that). Why can’t it be a game room? Play room? Fun room? Bar? Stupid. Besides, frankly I LIKE spending time with my husband. I don’t want a separate space. Admittedly we both want to hide from the kids sometimes, but welcome to parenthood, right?

It turns out that a clorox wipe will take the finish off wood. All the way. Someone *looks innocent* used one to clean grime off the banister. The grime came off. So did the finish. I suppose there will be refinishing this summer.

I helped my folks put in an offer on a nearby house. (They are thinking of moving up here full time, but for now, it will be a kind of half of year house). It had just come on the market. They’d been looking at a number of others in that area (a 55+ community) but didn’t like what they’d been seeing. This one is perfect for them. We put in an offer on the first day. So did someone else. Hello bidding war! Ack. So the owners came back with a “give us your highest and best offer by six on Thursday.” Which means they may get other offers in the meantime. So we put our highest and best in and now we wait. I hope to hell it works. Keep your fingers crossed. I hate waiting.

So even as I did that, Dad has been getting better in the hospital. The PT is really helping. Also, my aunt who underwent knee surgery last week is also recovering well. So happy dance all around!

I got a bit of writing done today. I need a footstool under my desk. I just do. It helps when my back is bugging me and lately as my knee is. This is the one I found that I really like. You’ll notice it costs $130. On sale. I am clearly not buying it, even though it looks well made and super cute. I bet the dogs would love it too. Anyhow, I’m considering crocheting something that will work, and my husband has suggested making something with the old foam mattress topper from the trailer, some fabric, cotton batting, plywood and staples. One or the other ought to work.

The tutor returned today and the boy is doing really well. The tutor is excited to work with a smart, motivated kid. I totally get that.

Old habits die hard. I picked up two Christmas presents today. That makes four I’ve picked up since the first of the year. (It has to do with living far from anywhere in MT and not having much time near that time of year). Plus it’s fun to find something perfect for someone.

The rain is raining. It’s good, though really wet. We’re still in a drought and every drop helps. I would, however, like to get some stuff planted and work in the yard.

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