The weekend

I just got invited to do an essay based on a recent talk on raising the stakes. I’m excited about it, not to mention flattered.

We got our cherry tree planted in the bit of sunshine we had between storms. Happy about that. Also did some weed-attacks. We’ve decided we need to put a weeper system into the back yard where it gets a little swampy in the winter. Hopefully it won’t overdrain in the summer, once we do it. I also want to extend the patio and make it more usable, but not sure of the cost. It’s not something we can do ourselves, so I’ll have to get some estimates. I’d like to be able to do more outside in terms of meals and such and eventually put in a slider or French doors going outside.

I’ve reached the part in the novella where we’re digging into a nasty little murder and I finally figured out certain logistics, so I’m pleased about that.

Boy’s Upper gi is scheduled for Tuesday. Let’s hope it tells us something. He’s still on the barfomatic trail.

I bought a bunch of stuff to try recipes out for making chai. Went to Penzey’s and that was delightful. Now I have to give them a shot. All I can say for sure is that it will be spicy. I like my chai to burn the back of my throat. Here’s hoping I figure out a recipe that I really like.

Writing-wise, I’m trying to get on a schedule again. It’s really difficult giving the boy and all of a sudden my time is not as sacrosanct as it used to be. Or even a little bit like it used to be. I am working on that. Carve carve carve.

Also trying to figure out the cleaning element of the house. At least reasonably sanitary. Getting everybody to help and do chores is good.

I did some knee exercises last night before bed to help with my tweaked knee. Felt okay while doing them, but when I went to actually get into bed, it hurt. Like a lot. I figured I overdid, but today I woke up and the knee had improved. That was good. I guess I’ll keep doing them.

Now I’m going to go back to work. Writing I hope. I need to book a couple of hours making words.



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  • Adrianne

    Ahh. Here’s my carob mocha tea recipe:

    8 Tbs Roasted Carob pieces
    4 Tbs Cinnamon pieces
    4 Tbs Roasted Chickory root
    2 Tbs Sweet green cardamom
    2 Tbs fresh ginger root, chopped into 1/8″ cubes
    2 Tbs Crushed allspice

    Often I put half a scoop of this and half a scoop of peppermint into my tea ball.

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