little bits of things

I have been attempting to exercise and write with some success on both fronts. Boy has his Upper GI yesterday and no word yet on results. In the meantime, I’ve been getting him outside. It’s warm and sunny and spring is bursting out all over. Frothy pink and white trees, all kinds of flowers, and so many yet to leaf out. It’s amazing and wonderful and I breathe this marvelous rich air and I don’t miss the cold at all.

Bought some plants and bulbs today. Made the kids happy by getting a little seed kit for each to start something. Girlie started daisies and boy started sweet basil. They are excited. We also got a barbeque. We have to put it together, but we should be doing some cooking on it by the weekend. We thought about getting a smoker/bbq combo, but we couldn’t find one we liked. Plus the man wanted a gas bbq not a charcoal.

I wanted to put in a picture from today, but wordpress refuses to upload it. I’m not sure why. That may come when I shift computers and see if I can adjust picture size.

Well, the upper GI came back (It’s morning now) and nothing. Now moving on to the next thing.

I want to tell you that I”m wearing shorts. March 13. Now for many of you, big whoop. For me who’s lived in MT for the last 14 years where you didn’t begin to think about shorts until maybe June, I’m delirious.

When out walking, the dogs have begun getting a little aggressive at other dogs. Barking and even snapping sometimes. I need to figure out a way to stop this. I’m not sure how. Anybody got ideas?


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