checking for change in the couch cushions

It’s one of those days. The doc is putting Boy on a new drug that is not covered by insurance apparently because it was in existence before the FDA started approving drugs and is unapproved, and called by the insurance company a “desi-drug.” This drug will cost $300 for 20 days, I believe. Crap. Still if it works, it will be worth it. I hope it does. So do me a favor, and go buy a crap-ton of books because I need the money. Ain’t got nothing in the couch cushions. I’m reminded of the scene in White Christmas where Danny Kaye asks Bing Crosby how much it’s going to cost them to bring the show to Vermont and Bing Crosby says somewhere between ouch! and Ping! So there’s that.

Now I need to go write. Maybe go pick up cans on the side of the road. My husband says we’re going to be nillionaires.

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