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We had a Catastro-tree. We decorated it, then we made it fall over and things broke. Oddly, when you try to put things back on, the tree still looks a little rumpled and discombobulated. Only ornaments were hurt in the fall, however. Fur beasts and humans survived.

I am no longer taking the drug the doc gave me to sleep. Was just more than my body could take. So now I’m trying a pill with a mix of melatnonin, gaba, and a couple of other things. It helps. I do wake up in the middle of the night. I understand that there’s a slow release melatonin and I wonder if that would be better.

I love Christmas lights. I love driving around looking at them. My daughter is just as joyful about them. I also like going into the mall to look at the big oversized decorations. I was in NYC just after Xmas one year and the displays were so fun. Other than that, I’m staying out of the mall.

I have learned to knit. I am not necessarily all that fabulous at it, but I have learned. Now to make what I want to make (I’m working my way toward socks. I want to make socks). I am working up stuff at night by way of stress reduction. Apparently this does not work for some people who find it more frustrating than not. I get it. Still, I am enjoying it.

Been out walking the dogs and taking bad pictures of the moss that’s been growing. I love the moss. It’s so delicate and looks like it hides fairies. It’s small and amazing and so very green. The bad pictures stem from the fact that I hold my phone in one hand and two dogs with the other.

I have never seen Into the Woods on the stage, but really looking forward to seeing the film version because it just looks so fun.

My folks are coming up this way tomorrow. So looking forward to seeing them. Hoping to head out next week to the coast with them for a day. Will be very fun.

I got tired today and lay down on the couch. The dog jumped up and made himself comfy on my head. Hmm. Now that would have been a picture worth having.

I no longer know how to put my itunes player on my computer on repeat. Shuffle, I’ve got nailed. I can repeat a playlist, I think, but not a single song. I find this irritating.

Our TV had some pixels get stuck. Suddenly there was a big bright sort of half square that wouldn’t move. Can’t afford new TV. Looked up ways to maybe help, went to try said method, and apparently the pixels had got scared because now they were a moving and the spot left. Happy news there.

One of the dogs has always has this thing going on where at night, he wants to sit on the couch and be pet, then he turns into a cat and doesn’t want to be touched. At all. Because he wants to sleep, apparently and he gets quite annoyed if you touch him when he’s snoozing. Or so that’s the way he’s been. All of a sudden, maybe in the last month or so, he’s changed. Now he’s decided that he wants laps. And snuggles, and woe betide you if you move while he’s sleeping on you. There will be comments. He’s been stealing the other dog’s snuggle spot, and I’ve been getting a great many wounded looks from said other dog. Because, while other laps are good, mine is apparently the place to be. I chalk up to the fact that I’m a sucker.


And I’m part of this! It’s a great idea for an anthology. I really hope it makes. Check it out and support if you are feeling the love!

And now back to the actual writing job.

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  • Adrianne

    I used to wake up at 2am utterly reliably. Often from sweat soaked nightmares of vampires chasing me. I can still remember trying to hide under the stairs and having to sneeze from the dust. Really scary, vivid dreams. Some time ago, one of my docs put me on the South Beach diet. The first part of _The South Beach Diet_ book talks about the blood sugar yo-yo. And if you’ve got too many carbs in your diet, guess what? You sugar crash at 2am, and your adrenal comes to the rescue with a huge blast of adrenaline, which can cause nightmares. The diet has worked wonders for me. And now, when I follow it, I don’t wake up at all during the night.

    I’m glad the GABA supplement is helping. The melatonin makes for vivid dreams.

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