T’was the day after solstice

I am slow to post these days. Struggling with some personal stuff. The boy of size has been sick a lot and that weighs. He’s got a text scheduled for next week and I’m hoping it actually shows us something. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of faith, given the way things have been happening with his testing thus far. There is some other stuff that isn’t resolving very well, and it’s very difficult for me to manage stress-wise. I’ve got a deadline looming and the words are coming slow.

Tomorrow, however, I’m going to make cookies with the kids. I couldn’t find my cookie cutters at all, so had to borrow some from a friend. I plan to add cocoa to half the batch to make some chocolate cookies. One of the cutters seems to be in the shape of a hatchet. I don’t understand that, but I’m sure it will be fun to figure out.

In other news, Edge of Dreams is available for preorder!

I’ve got an interview up about the Weird Wild West anthology and you will learn something new and odd about me you may not already know. Spread the word and encourage people to support the antho!

My dog is looking at me desperately, hoping for a rescue from the boy who is manhandling him.

Not much more to say. Anybody have big plans for Christmas? For New Years?

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