musings on the tasteless

We made cookie cutouts today. I didn’t use sugar cookie dough, but this sour cream cookie cutout recipe I got from a friend years ago. It’s not got a lot of flavor. I divided it in half and mixed cocoa powder into half. The bad part is that it didn’t really mix and came out more marbled. What I like about this cookie is that it’s soft. What I don’t like, is that it’s kind of tasteless. I should probably add some sort of flavoring–almond or orange or cinnamon or something. I did not do a good job making up some icing (I should have found a recipe). But the girlie had fun with the store-bought tubes. I have to get more. Anyhow, the point is that she had a blast and I’m not terrible tempted by the cookies.

Tomorrow I make pies and rolls. I did roast the pumpkin so that I can make pies. Next week girlie will require pumpkin cupcakes.

I started a crochet hat today. Hmm. Scratch that. I restarted it. I’d started it with too big a yarn and hook, because I was told I could, but the gauge was way off. So then I got a new yarn and worked with a smaller needle, but started it, only to find I’d created a mobius strip. Took that out and decided to shrink up the size  a little. Then I started again, but managed to screw up some row beginnings to make a mess. So now . . . I have finished six rows or so, and it’s very pretty, and going well. I’m really pleased with it so far.

I suck at reading patterns. I just am not in the habit. I also don’t do well with gauge. That’s because if I get the yarn and do the gauge and it doesn’t work, do I get new yarn? Go for bigger needles/hook? So I’m trying to practice a little.

I’m ready to do something a little more complicated with the knitting. I’m not sure what. I still have tons to learn. Things like adding and reducing and oh, if I drop a stitch I’m in a lot of trouble. I haven’t figured out how to pick them up even though my mom says blithely, it’s so easy! I’m probably going to join the knitting group at the shop in the new year, and take some mroe lessons. I really want to learn to make socks. Elizabeth moon makes socks. I have envy.

Boy of size has been slightly better. Not throwing up as much, but still regularly. I’ve been trying to keep him focused on other things, which always helps. He did help make the cookies this morning–the dough, anyhow. Then he was sick. He’s so frustrated with it and doesn’t want to be sick on Christmas, of course. I feel so rotten for him.

Then I got to feeling shitty. My temperature wouldn’t regulate today. I got so cold I was shivering something terrible, and then warmed up to sweating. The funny part is that I was slightly feverish when terribly cold, and way low when hot. Sigh. My son flips out if I am remotely not feeling well. He starts to cry. It’s totally his excitement and stress of the holidays, and I just let him go as he needs to. He needs the outlet. Poor guy.

Other than baking and cleaning, I’m fairly ready for Christmas day. Kids are about to bust. They are so disappointed that the man has to work tomorrow. He took Friday off, though. And he’ll be off for the boy’s test next week. I need to get some writing done. Maybe I’ll manage that.


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