The year that was but not really

It’s the time of year to reflect back on the last and make plans for the next. Reflection is difficult for me this year. So much went by in a blur.

My son was sick. And still is sick. That dominated much of our year. Things I had wanted to do with the family couldn’t be done. Adventures, mostly. I’m hoping for better next year.

Writing was good-ish. The Cipher and The Black Ship were re-released, and Trace of Magic came out. I wrote the sequel to Trace of Magic, but am waiting on edits, and I’ve reviewed and revised the reissue of The Turning Tide. Working on The Hollow Crown and struggling with writing the last book. I’ve been working on releasing Path of Honor as an ebook, and also on getting a new novella out there that is mostly done. Just not enough time.

Teaching: I got a chance to teach in the WSCU MFA program in genre writing. That’s been . . . an experience. Some really good, some not so good.

Spent my first entire year in the new house and in the new state. I have loved it. If only the boy of size were not sick, it would be perfect.

Money has been tight. I’m working on that.

Have been feeling quite melancholy and stressed the last few months. Am working on that, too.

Have learned to knit and am enjoying that. Have made new friends here and more online. It’s crazy how good people can become friends without ever having met in person.

I have gained back some of the weight I lost. I think this is a stress thing and I’m hoping to focus on de-stressing and being healthier this next year.

I haven’t blogged as much of late, which I miss. But see above with melancholy and stress. Have felt stupid and lacking. I did find my SAD light, which is helping, and I’m using a melatonin/GABA pill to help with sleep. Though of course, last night the boy was sick and the girlie had nightmares, so I was awakened a few times. I don’t really mind. I like that I can be there for the kids when they need. I like that I can make them feel good. Girlie isn’t prone to nightmares, so she was unnerved.

Since moving, and since they bought a house near us, I’ve spent more time with my folks, and I’m so grateful to have that time. My dad’s 85th birthday is on Monday. He’s been through a lot of medical crap over the years, and still hanging in there. The folks have been married 57 years as of yesterday. This year will be my 25th wedding anniversary. My husband and I met 28 years ago. Been together ever since.

I read 32 books this year. I wanted to read more. I need to read more.

The goal list I set myself last year I didn’t hit as well as I’d like. I will set another and try harder to make those goals. I’m hoping time permits and my son’s health cooperates.

I’m sure there’s more I want to write. I can’t think of anything right now. Tell me, how was your year?

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