a week that’s shot

Pretty much this week has been one where precious little gets done. First, my phone is wonky. It shuts itself off and refuses to charge. It won’t take pictures, but won’t tell me why. It freezes and gives me a black death screen. I don’t have any extra apps on it. I use it mainly for pictures, phoning, texting, and email.

My son has had an awful week. These fucking ulcers should be getting better, but his pain and nausea only seem to increase daily. The doctor isn’t offering much help at this point and I am not sure where to turn next. His insurance (which is new this year) doesn’t like the new drug because it’s expensive and want to know if we’ve tried other drugs, so it’s taking forever to actually get any of the new drug. The doc gave samples, but tomorrow we run out and the doc has no more. The primary care doc has approved a medical marijuana card, but apparently my son needs a state approved id and his passport is expired. So we have to go get the id tomorrow.

Because he’s suffering, I’ve been spending more time with him to help keep his anxiety (read panic) down to a manageable level. Been working with him on breathing, on mindful meditation. I did get him to agree to accupuncture, so have to see when I can get in. He’s constantly asking if there’s anything else we can do to help him. I’m really coming to a breaking point and trying not to.

I have done some writing, but precious little words are accumulating and I’m trying not to panic or freak out about how much worse the boy seems to be getting when he’s supposed to be getting better and no one seems to know why and the gastroenterologist isn’t in a hurry to figure it out. She’s sure it will get better. I’ve lost faith that she’s right. I don’t know where to take him next, except maybe the Mayo. All I know is that something is wrong and they need to find it and they need to look harder.

The patio finally got poured today. It looks lovely. So at least there’s that.


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  • Debbie Ledesma

    Maybe you should take him to a hospital with specialists like Stanford. Just a thought. My prayers for you and his recovery.

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