Skins thick and thin

I got snubbed at Sasquan by someone who I’ve interacted with online and I thought was a very nice person. The circumstances were thus: We were in the greenroom getting some food one a.m. and I thought I’d introduce myself and say hello. He waved me out of his way and continued about his business without saying a word.

Now here’s the thing. He could have been in a hurry. He could be a terrible morning person. He could be shy and I could just have been one more person at the wrong time. I get that. It still hurts my feelings. Yes, I’ll get over it. He’ll never remember me in that situation and one day we may meet again and it may be perfectly nice. The more petulant side of me keeps thinking that it wouldn’t have taken anything to give me a little smile and a hello and then keep going. Or a sorry, but I’m in a hurry.

Anyhow, I don’t really know why I’m posting about this except it still bothers me and if I just get it off my chest, maybe I’ll be done with it and get over myself.


  • Denisetwin

    I am that way, I worry over issues like this over and over. There are still a few from HS that trip me up once in awhile and HS is almost 30 years ago. I keep thinking WHAT? WHY? I want to know what happened here, I don’t get it.

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