The school year begins again

Ring the bells! stomp your feet! School as begun!

I got up stupid early (for me) which means before 7, and got the kids up and ready and out the door on time. Take approximately an hour to get them both to school and home again. That’s because the boy’s school has o bus and is across town, which means traffic. I’m still hoping to figure out a carpool with some other parents.

Both kids had a fabulous day. Both were quite happy. More importantly, I got work done. I mean, I ended up running some errands with my folks, and yet still got work done! Overdue work. I finished a beta-read that I owed and it was awesome. Tomorrow I finish revising a story for an anthology and then I go back to work on some revisions I want to do on Book 3 of DCM and also try to figure out a title.

And then get to work on the next thing. It’s crazy to think how much I can get done in this week. I hope I can get into a major writing groove. Oh, and I need to clean my office. But that could take awhile.

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