The week that was

It’s been quite a week as the kids go back to school and I can finally dig into writing again. It’s crazy how soothing it is to be alone in the house. I never knew until I didn’t have it how much I needed not just time alone, but also alone without the risk of intrusion or needing to keep the antennae up just in case. It is, in a word, lovely.

Both kids seem to be enjoying school, For this I am grateful. Both started new schools, which was anxiety-provoking for both, and yet both seem to be embracing it. Except for getting up early. They are none too enthused about that. I’m not either, but on the other hand, the sunrise with Mount Hood in the distance has been terrific. The dogs have been positively joyful that I’m back into my routine, though they find that I’m not spending near enough of my time on the couch petting them, or on the floor petting them, or anywhere petting them. They are, however, delighted by the extended driving to and from school. Me too, in that I have this collection of paranormal stories on cd that I’ve never listened to before, and I’ve begun to do that. I find that part quite wonderful. Though it’s a drag to have to turn off the story partway through when I get home.

It’s getting to be that time of the year where I eye all the stuff I meant to get done this summer and realize I’ve barely touched any of it. Hopefully as it cools, I can actually dig in and get a few things done. Such would be nice. Plus I noticed there are a ton of weeds in the yard and I suppose I should attack them as well.

I’ve been trying to get out walking. Unfortunately I did something weird to my wrist just before coming home from Sasquan. Weird because I have no freaking clue what happened. One minute it didn’t hurt, the next it did. Luckily when I type on my Kinesis keyboard, I don’t have pain, otherwise I’d be a lot more worried. The pain is in the outside of my right wrist, and hurts most when I twist it at all (say to open a door or a jar or stir a pot) or when I lift anything at all. I’ve been wearing a brace to immobilize it, since I figure that’s what a doctor would say, and rubbing some Badger Joint Rub into it, which does help. Still, it’s not back to normal yet. Improving some, but not normal. Anyhow, this means I’ve avoided riding the bike in the case I make it worse, but I think I’m going to say screw it and get out on Sunday with the fam. If they let me, which they might not.

A friend of mine turned me on to this paper, which is something I’ve been looking for for a long time. It allows you to take notes on the right, and then go back on the left and add things. A really nice tool for plotting. I’d found it many many many moons ago and at that point I thought it was something that lawyers used, but I’d not been able to find it again. Now Levengers has it. So I ordered some and as soon as I’m done with the current thing on my desk, I’ll start using it to plot some things.

I got a Fitbit Charge Hr a little bit ago. I wanted to use a fitbit, and I wanted a strap that buckled on and came in extra large. It also comes in purple! It’s like it was meant to be. Anyhow, I do like it and I like that it tells me how I sleep. Which is crappy this week because I’d rather stay up late and get up late, but since I have to get up early, I’ve been going to sleep early, and sleep has not really been something I’m doing a lot of until later because my entire being rejects going to bed at 10. Or even earlier. I shall overcome. Possibly. Or not.

This weekend I am going to see if I can smoke some peppers in the smoker, and maybe do some flame roasting of others and see about either canning or freezing them. Also we’re going to try to make some ice cream.


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  • Denisetwin

    Homemade ice cream, YUM!!! I still remember as a child having to sit on top of the ice cream maker while Dad or Grandpa turned the handle! Yikes on the wrist, I detest odd ball injuries, the ones you have to go back and forth on if you should go to the Dr or not. My sis works from home and her dogs sit right beside her, one on her feet, one by her chair and she is required to spend most of her time with one hand down on the dog by the chair petting him or she hears about it. I couldn’t type one handed well enough to do that….. I need to get outside too, the weeds aren’t bad, but two bushes have taken over the front flower bed and I really need to fix that. Always seems to be something else to do. Hope your week goes great and you get a lot done!

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