Book 3 of DCM

I need a title. I’m scrounging in the couch cushions and finding nothing. Here’s the thing. It’s got to be set up like this:

Noun of noun, where the first noun is a measurement of some kind, no matter how you might interpret that (trace, edge are not traditional measurements by any means).

Word I like is Skim. A skim of something. That may not go anywhere.

Anyhow, I could use help if anyone wants to take a crack at it. The themes in this book are betrayal, family, loss, courage, discovery.

I shall now go think and hope you come up with something good. There may be prizes.


  • HannahS

    What about shadow or fringe? I was trying to think of measurements that were similar to what you’ve already used, but it was harder than it seemed!

    Good luck naming the book 🙂

  • Denisetwin

    Skim, that’s tough. Skim of Fate. Skim of Loss. Skim of Treason. Skim of Treachery. What about Level? Level of Treason. Level of Loss. Interval? Interval of Treason, Interval of Treachery, Interval of Fate. Ratio? Parallel?

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