The old year

I’m noticing a trend across the net and elsewhere, that people are reflecting on the year that was lately. I don’t really feel like it. First, for me, the new year started on the winter solstice. It always does. I mean, that’s really the turning of the year if you think about it. That’s the longest night of the year, and the next day is the shortest day, and then the days get longer from there. So yeah, new year.

Anyhow, last year wasn’t such a grand one that I want to spend time looking back on it. It’s not that it was particularly bad. In fact we discovered my son’s treatment and he returned to school. That’s HUGE. I did some publishing and writing as is to be expected of a writer, and generally the year seemed to go by in a blur of mostly chores with some really great days and some really shitty days. I call that life.

I think part of it was that in the emotional aftermath of my son’s illness, I apparently got depressed. I am now on Wellbutrin. The doc is still figuring out the dose, but it does seem to bring me back more to myself. I do worry that I will lose my creativity, but hopefully not. Some writers who’ve taken it have gone off it for that reason. I suppose there are alternates if it fails. I’m hoping this means that my life will be less blurry and there will be more memories of the bright spots. And more energy.

I did read a lot more this last year than I did in previous years. I’m up now to 62 books and may finish another before January 1. Maybe 2, who knows? I still have a huge number in the to be read mountain so hopefully I will keep reading a lot. I enjoy it. Duh. That kinda goes without saying, doesn’t it? But sometimes I get in the habit of mindless TV. Probably the depression, I guess.

I have knitted a lot of things this year. I’m improving, which is good. I kinda keep making the same things over and over. I’ve got to branch out. But I’ve had requests, you see. And I’ve got to learn more sock heel methods.

I also started to lose the weight that I’d previously lost and then gained back with the Boy’s illness. Hopefully that keeps going. I’d like to be healthier and more fit.

I did complete my first self-published project. Several years in the works, I might add. Working in between other things. But I’m going through the process and plan to release in the beginning of March. I love this story and I hope you will, too.

Well, that’s about all the year worth talking about, I think. I did get out and do a little hiking this year, but would like to do more next. Oh, and we went rockhounding. That’s been huge fun. Definitely we’ll do more of that this  next year.

So I guess it’s a recap of sorts afterall. Now onward and upward. Once more into the breach! let’s have fun storming the castle!

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